Important Customer Information


The following text is an extract of the Terms and Conditions purchasing of Lunático astronomía, S.L. Please, consult it for complete information.


All the prices in LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM website are in U.S. dollars ($) and include no taxes. The prices are constantly reviewed and updated. Some unpredictable situations as a rise of the supplier rates, the variations of currency exchange rates, the changes in the shipping costs, etc can change the prices shown on LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM. For this reason the prices in LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM can be changed without previous notice. If that would happen, for goods not in stock, between the moment of placing an order and the moment of handing it, the costumer will be previously warned and he could cancel the order without any obligation or any option to complaint against LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM. If the order has been paid in advance and the costumer decides not to cancel it, LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM will be able to charge the difference claiming the payment if the variation of the prices is positive or doing a deposit if it is negative.


  • Methods of payment: banker’s order or deposit in an account (you can send voucher by mail or fax) or cash on delivery, credit cards or paypal
  • Shipments paid on delivery must be charged on the price of the article (maximum charge $100) shipment not included


The warranty of products and/or goods purchased through LUNATICASTRONOMICAL.COM is offered by manufacturers (always being, as a minimum, 2 years for durable consumer goods purchased as new). 


Most orders above $100 will be shipped free of charge worldwide, using registered mail. Heavy or very big items (such as telescopes) are not covered by this free shipping policy and will be quoted upon customer request. For certain destinations all shipments should be insured; in this case the cost of insurance will be covered by the customer. Please ask us.


Orders below $100 will be increased in $10 to cover shipping and insurance as the case.


At the customer option, goods can be send by courier with an additional cost, please consult us.

All the products state in the web the approximate delivery period wich is of 2 or 3 days for products in stock. For products manufactured upon customer request or on order, the delivery time is stated in the order acknowledgment.

This rate and time are for shipments within Spain. Please consult us for other destinations and wights. The prices in this tariff are suject to changes



LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. guaranteed the confidentiality of the data received. In LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S.L. we value the confidence that the customer has put in our hands. That is the reason why our commitment is to ensure the confidentiality of his data. We guaranteed that we shall never share the customer data with any organization or company other than LUNATICO ASTRONOMÍA S. L



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