"L.Y.S." Hand pad for Seletek

"L.Y.S." Hand pad for Seletek


All the needed parts and components to complete the practical hand pad to move the main Armadillo2/Platypus2/Tarsier (also for Seletek/Armadillo and Platypus)* motor.

To make it more useful, incorporates a potentiometer to set the speed of the motor.

The manual HandPad is composed of the following items:

  • Box
  • 10 or 100K Ohm potentiometer
  • Small joystick
  • 1.5 m. long wire
  • DB-9:
  • Nylon cable tie

lum mando manual



         You can find detailed mounting instructions here.         


... and here the final result.
lum mando manual

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