USB ZD band for 50 mm finders


USB ZD band for 50 mm finders

Zero Dew is lunaticastronomical new control system.

The bands are an original Lunatico design and they are RoHS compliant.
  • Band length: 19 cm., cable length: 1 m.
  • They are made with a flexible printed circuit and SMD resistors.
  • Isolated in the outer side with two layers, one of them in silicone and the other in a thick cloth in order to prevent heat loss.
  • The wire output is perpendicular to the layer for an easier anchorage.
  • They are fixed with "velcro"; and an elastic band with a locking latch.
  • With an inner reinforcement for longer life.
  • Hand finished.
  • Available in all sizes ( up to 16"; in stock, bigger upon request).

To get the most out of the ZeroDew heating tapes with USB connector, please observe the following instructions. 

Click here to take a look at the Instruction sheet for the ZeroDew system, and here to know resistance, lengths, and power values for our ZeroDew bands

Shipping time: Ships in 5 days


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