Customized USB ZeroDew Heater bands


Customized USB ZeroDew Heater bands

Zero Dew is lunaticastronomical new control system.

The bands are an original lunaticastronomical design and they are RoHS compliant.


  • They are made with a flexible printed circuit and SMD resistors.
  • Isolated in the outer side with two layers, one of them in silicone and the other in a thick cloth in order to prevent heat loss.
  • The wire output is perpendicular to the layer for an easier anchorage.
  • They are fixed with "velcro"; and an elastic band with a locking latch.
  • With an inner reinforcement for longer life.
  • Hand finished.
  • Available in all sizes (up to 16"; in stock, bigger upon request).

To get the most out of the ZeroDew heating tapes with USB connector, please observe the following instructions. 

Click here to take a look at the Instruction sheet for the ZeroDew system, and here to know resistance, lengths, and power values for our ZeroDew bands

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