Astronomy green laser pointer to Seletek Adapter

Astronomy green laser pointer to Seletek Adapter

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Adapter to use with our green laser pointers.


Lunático has converted his Green Laser Pointer so it can be controlled remotelly with our Seletek (originalArmadillo and Platypus), using the "PinByPin" program, also developed by us.


This way, and using an All-sky camera, you can remotely find out where the scope is pointing to even if it has lost tracking, position, or becomes unresponsive.


Technical caracteristics of the laser adapted:

  • works with our Seletek controller (both originalArmadillo and Platypusmodels) using the "PinByPin" program
  • powered from the controller itself (no need for batteries!)
  • classified as Plus, that is, optimized for the highest power while complying to the < 5mW "norma"
  • WARNING: operation of the laser is not warranted below 0ºC


Safety Precautions:
  • Direct eye contact with laser beam may cause eye injury and should be avoided.
  • Use of controls or adjustmets or performance of procedures other than specified herein may result in hazardous radiation exposure.
  • The Laser Pointer is not a toy; keep it away from the reach of children.
  • Lunático Astronomía cannot be held responsible for any harm caused by misuse of this device.


Instruction sheet


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