Seletek temperature sensor in motor cable

Seletek temperature sensor in motor cable


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Seletek temperature sensor in motor cable

The external temperature sensor increases the accuracy of the temperature measurement made by the Seletek (Original, Armadillo or Platypus), as the sensing head can be placed directly on the OTA. Here it is offered attached to DB9-DB9 conversor.

NOTE: the sensor controller varies Seletek which to use:

  • Original Seletek controller: sensor LM60,
  • Armadillo Seletek Armadillo 2 controller (and Armadillo): sensor LM61.
  • Armadillo Seletek Platypus 2 controller(and Platypus): sensor LM61.
  • Armadillo Seletek Tarsier controller: sensor LM61.

Please indicate your controller when ordering.

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