Seletek upon request

Seletek upon request


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Seletek à la carte allows you to customize your Seletek (original, Armadillo or Platypus) to match you specific needs.

It is a box filled with the needed electronics that we'll make for you so the PinByPin applicationcan command your peripherals. You can also select what kind of plugs are used (for instance, RCA plugs for dew heater bands, 2.1mm jack to power mirror fans, etc.)

Peripherals you can control with the Seletek original or Armadillo or Platypus:

  • dew heating bands (from our Zerodew system or others)
  • even a dew heater controller (using a relay)
  • the astronomy green laser pointer
  • the mirror cooling fans
  • any 12V powered device, using a relay

Just enumerate your needs and we'll manufacture a custom box for you "á la carte".

¡We can combine up to 4 items!

Contact us for a personalized price.

¡We can combine up to 4 items!

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