Seletek LIMPET focuser kit

Seletek LIMPET focuser kit


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Focuser model

Seletek LIMPET focuser kit, the smallest and most recent Seletek.!

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Delivery time 25 days

Seletek LIMPET kit, the smallest and most recent Seletek.! ASCOM compliant!

The Seletek LIMPET kit is composed of:

  • Seletek Limpet controller
  • Stepper motor
  • Customized coupling plate for your focuser (several models) (1)
  • Stepper motor connection cable

... and it comes ready to use with the following components

  • The Seletek controller
  • Stepper motor (3600 steps/turn)
  • Cylinder shaft coupling to the axis of the focuser
  • Coupling plate for your focuser (1)
  • Stepper motor connection cable
  • Power supply cable for the controller (screwed on terminal)
  • Tripod thread screw to easily attach the Limpet to the telescope

Limpet available add-ons:

(1) Select your focuser model focuser according to the images shown here

Here the user's manual

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